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Mar 4,2008 Land Use

Agenda           Minutes
5.1 OCP Amendment - Land Use Definitions
To update residential density definitions to use Floor Space Ratio rather than Units Per Acre.
There was significant discussion on this issue and whether it restricts monster homes or what it does to affect density. Staff response was that this amendment was to make the terminology more consistent with the industry and other cities and the 'adopted standard'.  Comments that there was still a requirement for parking, covered by other city regulations, and other building code items would always affect buildable density regardless of FSR calculation.  Building code was said to have a minimum unit size of ~ 400 sq ft.
5.2 Amendment to Heritage Agreement for 2714 Clarke Street
Appleyard residence, to amend the agreement to allow for Restaurant as a permitted use.
5.3 Draft Sustainability Checklist Feedback.
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