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Mar 12,2008 - Tri City News

Mar 12,2008
Here’s what some letter writers to Coquitlam city hall said regarding their preferred route options for the Evergreen Line:


• “I think the northern route through Port Moody is the best option... I live in the Burquitlam area and I moved here in part because the city of Coquitlam plans to rejuvenate this area.”

Meredith MacRitchie

• “It will promote re-development in older, already developed areas instead of putting development pressure on green areas like Riverview, Colony Farm, the areas adjacent to Coquitlam River and the Fraser River flood plains.”

Brennan Anstey

• “The Barnet corridor is already much more pedestrian-friendly than Lougheed Highway. Its land uses are much more diversified including industrial, personal services, retail, restaurants and singe- and multi-family residential. This mix is better prepared to be developed into transit villages.”

Stephanie Long


• “Cost figures aside, I believe this route is far more viable as there is more open space that could accommodate the structure needed. Future building could then be planned with the SkyTrain in mind and this construction could be a far better fit for people living and working in the area than is possible with the northwest option.”

Lynne Findlay

• “Without a doubt I see the southeast route as the way to go... the Riverview lands should not be a key factor in picking the route. The route should be decided as to which one will move the most amount of riders and will set up the best possible connections for other rapid connections.”

Steve Mancinelli

• “When is our council going to start looking after its historical roots? How in heaven’s name did Burquitlam become the primary choice for rapid transit? Where did the plans for Maillardville get tucked away? The southeast route would do more for Maillardville than any other project I have heard of.”

Diane Johnston

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