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Joe Trasolini Quotes

Trasolini - Quotables

Sep 2004 - on GLT/LRT/Skytrain
"It's a question of balancing costs with length of time that it takes to travel, versus affordability and also environmental concerns. Who wants to have the monster SkyTrain coming through their backyard? I mean, it's easy to say 'Well, let's have SkyTrain.' SkyTrain down a railroad track is one thing, but SkyTrain elevated in front of businesses or wiping out businesses in the St. Johns corridor is a different question. That is not acceptable."

June 2004 - On translinks options:
"We made our options clear to them (TransLink) as to what we would prefer, but from what I'm being told, the only way the route can change is if 100 per cent of the GVRD municipalities agree, So not much chance in that."

"SkyTrain is out of the equation, both financially and technologically, so then it comes down to light rail. We've never objected to light rail coming to Port Moody - that has never been an issue."

May 2004 - on RAV and NES future:
"I think that the at-grade, light-rail system is achievable, and Jon and I agree on that," (adding such a system would run along St. Johns Street - and would be less intrusive than SkyTrain. )

"What is happening now is exactly the seed that I planted last year when I was on TransLink to have both rapid transit lines built concurrently. I'm optimistic saner heads will prevail and that this can be done ... for the 2010 deadline."

Feb 2004 - On funding
"What is fact is that last year, I put (forward) a motion to have TransLink dedicate $400 million for the northeast sector ... rapid transit line," Trasolini said Tuesday. "That was approved ... I also put (forward) a motion that the rapid transit line in the northeast sector be built in parallel with the RAV (Richmond-Airport-Vancouver) line. That also passed, and I worked really hard to get those done.
Those are facts. Insofar as what technology is chosen for this rapid transit (line) and what route ... the decision has not been made on those two points. That is the truth."

October 2003 - on completion alongside RAV:
"Whenever that comes up, I will question the TransLink board. There is a motion on the books. The northeast-sector line must be done on the same timeline as the RAV line, so it's going to be done on a parallel timeline."

May 2003 - On preferred SOUTHEAST route:
"The SkyTrain through Port Moody costs $900 million, whereas for half the price, according to the first study, you could do an alternate rapid transit line connecting Sapperton to Coquitlam Centre, Port Moody and Port Coquitlam for much, much less."

Jan 2001 - on future of rapid transit to NES
"We should start looking again at the Lougheed Highway corridor because it's more affordable," (adding that he has always been opposed to a tunnel because it would cause disruption to Seaview residents.)

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