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July 2007 - Translink


The proposed Evergreen Line light rail transit system is not “on the shelf” as has been reported by some news media.

“The Light Rail Transit system for the Northeast Sector is the number one rapid transit priority for TransLink,” TransLink Chair Malcolm Brodie said. “We have defined the project, and now we are waiting for funding to be confirmed from senior levels of government.”

Some public statements have suggested that the Evergreen Line would be delayed because of the West Broadway Rapid Transit Alternatives study. This study into improving transportation along the Broadway corridor to the University of British Columbia is part of the 2008 Transportation and Financial Plan approved by the TransLink board June 27. The Plan goes to the Greater Vancouver Regional District board for ratification tomorrow.

“The business case prepared last year by TransLink staff proves that the Evergreen Line is vital for maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in the Northeast Sector. The Broadway Alternatives Study is something completely different and must not be seen as a case of one part of the region ‘jumping the queue’ over another,” Brodie said.

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