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Translink 2011 Financial Plan

**Update, Oct 7,2010 Municpal Update on Supplemental funding options, click to view PDF file **
The 2011 plan includes no new revenues over the 2010 plan which added the $ 130 million annually as a 'stabilization' measure.
Important to note the following in the 2011 plan:
The Plan does not include additional rapid transit service upgrades or expansion. While TransLink’s
expected contribution to the Evergreen Line is not included in the 2011 Base Plan, TransLink continues
to affirm it as a key regional priority should funding for expansion be secured in the future under the
provisions of a Supplemental Plan. TransLink continues to work with the Province and municipal
partners on planning for the line and continues to work actively with the Mayors’ Council and Provincial
Government to find a way to secure TransLink’s share of the funding.
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