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Dec 2, Tri City News

Average weekday ridership hits 34,000, a 13% increase over the early 2017 figures.More than 8.6 million boardings have occurred since the Evergreen Extension opened and TransLink officials said the line is poised for further ridership increases.

On Friday, exactly one year since the opening, TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond said transit use in the northeast sector has seen significant growth over the last 12 months. He cited numbers released this week showing that average weekday boardings has hit 34,000, a 13% increase from early 2017.

"It's clear that the Evergreen Extension has been a catalyst for a boost in transit use in the Tri-Cities," Desmond said, adding that 51% of all transit journeys in the Tri-Cities begin on Evergreen. "The growth we've seen since the launch of Evergreen is nothing short of astounding, and demonstrates the kind of impact that this kind of transit infrastructure investment can have."
Desmond said he believes there is significant ridership growth still to come, noting the pace of development that has been occurring around the Evergreen stations.

According to TransLink, there is currently $3.8 billion in real estate projects in development or under construction on land next to the rapid transit corridor between Lougheed and Lafarge Lake-Douglas stations. That includes approximately 9,800 future housing units.

With that growth in development, TransLink said it will move closer to its goal of 70,000 Evergreen riders per day.
"The heightened interest for commercial and residential development around the stations is an indication there is much more demand," said Port Moody Mayor Mike Clay, adding: "With immediate accessibility to transit providing increased affordability and a major attractant for employers."
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