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Feb 19,2004

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DATE:  February 19, 2004
MEDIA CONTACT: Colleen Rohde, Director of Economic and Strategic Development
TEL:  604-649-4505

PORT MOODY – Mayor Doug McCallum, Chair of the Translink Board issued a letter to all GVRD Mayors confirming that:

  • The Translink Board has not dealt with the GST rebate announced by the federal government;
  • Translink may not even be eligible for the GST rebate;
  • Translink is examining four different technologies and two different routes;  no decision has been made on Skytrain, one of four technologies, nor the route (either the SouthEast corridor via Lougheed or NorthWest corridor through Port Moody);
  • These decisions are not expected until June 2004

Mayor Trasolini indicated that over the last two weeks, he had to respond to a flood of inquiries from Moody Centre residents and businesses concerned with media coverage about what had been labeled as a done deal regarding Skytrain through Port Moody.   Commenting on McCallum’s announcement, Trasolini said: “We knew all along that Translink would confirm our position on this. There are too many public officials involved in [rapid transit to the NorthEast Sector] for anyone to get away with this kind of wishful prophecy.”

Mayor Trasolini feels that this will not affect Council’s position on a referendum on Skytrain through Port Moody.  For Trasolini “…Skytrain through Port Moody must be the object of a public debate before a decision is made.  Port Moody residents have to make up their mind between the benefits of Skytrain and its impact on our community, particularly on the heritage character of Moody Centre.”

Port Moody will be going to the polls April 17 in a by-election to fill a vacant council seat. The ballot will include referendum questions including one pertaining to Skytrain. Port Moody Council is expected to vote on the referendum question regarding Skytrain at the February 24 regular meeting of Council.


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