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Oct 15,2004


DATE:  October 15, 2004
MEDIA CONTACT: Jim McIntyre, Deputy City Manager
TEL:  604-469-4545

PORT MOODY – Today at a board meeting in Port Moody, TransLink approved in principle a light rail transit (LRT) line using the northwest corridor through Port Moody to Coquitlam Centre. Planning and design for this new transit system will commence shortly.

“It is timely and welcome that the Skytrain option has been eliminated and replaced by a more environmental and community friendly, and less costly light rail system,” said Port Moody Mayor Joe Trasolini. “It will provide a much needed rapid transit service to the growing Northeast Sector without being a blight on our landscape.”

At a recent meeting, Port Moody  Council reaffirmed its support of LRT to the Tri-City area along the northwest alignment. LRT systems utilizing light rail technology are in wide use worldwide.

Port Moody Council has long been opposed to SkyTrain technology for the planned Northeast Sector rapid transit extension. Skytrain’s intrusive elevated guideway through Port Moody’s historic downtown core would have a significant negative impact on area businesses and residents. In April, 2004, Port Moody residents voted against a referendum question asking if they were in favour of Skytrain through Moody Centre.


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