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Jan 10,2007 - Letter to editor - the Now News

One of the major reasons my husband and I bought our home in Coquitlam was the great location. All the schools - elementary, middle and secondary - were within walking distance. That was a huge factor.

Our two girls go to Vanier Elementary and this is the second time that Vanier's name is on the list for closure. This business of closing our local school is a big concern and it's exhausting.

My neighbour has two young children and now it's her turn to enrol her son in kindergarten. She is afraid to enrol him in Vanier now. What if they decide to close? Or what if they do keep Vanier open; will she have to face future closures? It's not fair.

They just can't close Vanier. Imagine the ripple effect.

Where will our children go? Will the other schools be overcrowded? Will the schools still have before and after care? Will the teachers strike again due to more students in classrooms? Will my child get the proper education and attention required? Will my child have to walk across a major intersection? What will they do with the building?

Vanier has so many wonderful programs to offer our future, including an incredible music and choir program; a publishing house where children can write their own books; walking field trips to the library and the recreation centre; a track and field team; an amazing principal and teachers who are involved; and a wonderful group of participating parents.

Vanier is a huge part of our community. Please do not close this fabulous school.

I cannot see any good coming from doing so. Please consider our future - the children.

Simone Davidson


published on 01/10/2007

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