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School Closures

Trustee Resolutions:
 The School Trustees decided on their Feb 27,2007 meeting:
  - to accept the staff recommendations and close:  Vanier, Lincoln, Millside, College Park, Coronation Park
  - to accept the staff recommendation and leave Moody Elementary open for review in 2008/2009
  - to reject the staff recommendations and leave Meadowbrook and Mountain View open (for now).
Staff Recommendation to trustees:
 The School Board Senior Management team has recommended closing 7 of the eight schools on the school closure list, with Moody Elementary being the (temporary) exception - it will be reviewed in 2008 as the city works through the OCP process according to the staff reports.
The staff recommendations can be found above under the 'Recommendation - (school name) ' links, and on the SD website:

Your Feedback and Comments: (click here to add a comment)

By: christine mulligan, Date: 1/13/2007 5:59:12 PM
Comment: College Park is a school that everone would like to go to. I work at this school and i have been with them for eight years as a noon hour supervisor. This is a school that has teachers and parents that work together. The children love to come to school here. The parents of college park are so caring and work very hard to funraise for their school. They also take care of their own what am i talking about in 2001 my apartment burnt down and it was the parent group that came to my aid. If you close college park you will be taking something very special from the area

By: chris, Date: 1/11/2007 4:50:15 PM
Comment: The concerns I have read before mine are valid and I feel that we need to expand a bit on how it does effect the children already enrolled, comfortable and feeling safe and secure. As parents we are the taxi drivers and hard workers for our kids and it does create a problem when we are taken out of our regular routine or find that we need to resource yet a new daycare. Example Moody Elementary has daycare facilities in the school it is a tremendous relief on the parents just by having their kids in one place and not being carted around by yet someone else at a young age to and from school. We live in a more (shall we say) paranoid era where you cannot just let your kid walk to school on their own or ride a bus etc. Let's keep Port Moody safe and sound for the kids. If you 'really need' to close any schools I would hope that some solutions for transporting and daycare be considered or improved. Lastly I took note on the website I noticed that on the district map there are 3 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and one Secondary school marked as "future schools", a bit of a contradiction isn't it?

By: Dot, Date: 12/1/2006 10:58:20 AM
Comment: Closing Moody Elementary School is a dumb idea… I agree with the comments made so far…what do they plan to do when more kids show up and need a school… will they build another school worth multi millions… Why force parents to drive their kids to schools out of our local area… we already have the roads full of parents doing that using up our natural resources and polluting at the same time… we don’t need to add more cars on the road…. do they not realize Pomo has many low income families living here who don’t have the resources to pay for bus fare or even own a car to drive back and forth… just what are these people smoking… whatever it is it certainly is throwing their powers of logic out the window. Let’s all band together to save our local school

By: Chris and Sarah, Date: 12/1/2006 10:57:36 AM
Comment: How many times do we have to go through this angst about closing schools? Moody Centre is growing at an incredible pace, and with house prices rising young families will be moving into the stock of new condominiums being built. Once you close a school the ability to reopen is insurmountable. To take an elementary school out of any community creates a void not only in assessable education but the very sense of community and even families with no direct tie to the school should be very concerned. Schools are a cost of doing business for governments, keeping our children safe is tied to that explicitly. I have a child who goes to Moody and I really don’t see a viable alternative near Moody Centre, I cannot allow him to brave the increasing traffic venturing to where I can’t imagine. The only other solution would be driving kids to another neighbourhood creating traffic chaos there.

By: Sacha, Date: 12/1/2006 10:56:39 AM
Comment: I am very concerned about the proposed closure of Moody Elementary and I think the Association should call a meeting to round the troops in the neighbourhood so we can band togeher and oppose this proposal.. The more noise we make and bad press created the more difficult it will hopefully be to close.

By: Jan, Date: 12/1/2006 10:56:02 AM
Comment: Both my daughters go to Moody Elementary and this is the second time that they have to go through the emotional turmoil of wondering whether their school is going to close or not. From a traffic engineering point of view, elementary schools are already an extremely high generator of traffic as most moms and dads, or their care givers, elect to drive the kids to school for whatever reason. The net effect of closing this school and any other is that the percent of children that will be driven to school will go up and that goes against the goal of most communities to reduce, not increase, vehicle demand.

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