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Feb 21,2007 TSC

5.1 Committee Orientation
5.2 Snow and Ice Control
Presentation - Brian Carter
$40,000 local roads
$12,500 major road network
$58,000 to mainroad
$60,000 in salt
6.1 Barnet, View, Gore Intersections
accident stats presented for intersections from ICBC.
6.2 Cecile and Angela - Speed issue
Average Speed is about 42km/h in a posted 30km/h zone.
Traffic Volume average about 1450 vehicles per day
Concerns about speed limit being too low, driver complacency as they feel safe driving higher speed,
Letter to be sent to strata and schools with data and continuing correspondence.
6.3  Golden Spike Way / Buller Street
Behind Sonrisa, Speed / traffic issues
Traffic coming/going from open road toyota,
6.4 Heritage Mountain Traffic Calming
Referred to staff for options and report back.
7.1 Barber Lane - Speed Concern
Referred to staff for traffic calming policy initiation
7.2 Clarke Hill Safety
Staff to install curb reflective markers, already in the plan
7.3  St John, Left Turn restrictions
Deferral to LRT Decision
7.4 Signals, Klahanie and Murrary
Received for information
7.5 Klahanie - Internal Traffic Issues
Ask staff to monitor, maybe some no through traffic/local traffic only signs.
7.6 Barnet and Ioco Road Signal Timing
7.7 Gatensbury traffic
Moody Centre traffic study tomorrow night, open house format.
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