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Mar 9,2007


By Leneen Robb - Staff Reporter

Port Moody Mayor Joe Trasolini says conflict-of-interest concerns involving his ownership of a piece of property near a proposed Evergreen Line station amount to a case of "somebody's mischief-making for their own benefit."

Sean Holman, a reporter with 24 hours and Public Eye, wrote earlier this week that TransLink chair Malcolm Brodie had convened a special meeting to deal with the situation.

Thursday, however, Trasolini said that although Brodie called him Monday to discuss the issue, a meeting has not been called.

Trasolini said he saw other TransLink directors Thursday when they met to discuss the results of the TransLink governance review, and nobody mentioned the issue.

The property in question is a $2.5-million light industrial/commercial parcel Trasolini owns about 400 metres away from a proposed Evergreen Line station at St. Johns and Buller streets.

Trasolini bought the property before he rejoined the TransLink board as a director, and said he's been trying to sell it since May 2006. A draft agreement of sale was signed Aug. 14, 2006, but the sale has not been finalized.

Trasolini said Brodie overreacted because he "understandably is oversensitive" about impending changes to TransLink.

Trasolini also said he has consulted two lawyers - who said he is not in a conflict - and that he has disclosed ownership of the property to TransLink and the city.

He added that the line will benefit the region as a whole, but not his property.

published on 03/09/2007

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