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Sep 16,2007 - Tricity News

Nineteen homes have been added to Port Moody’s heritage register even though more than half the homeowners asked not to be included.

Only four property owners agreed to add theirs to the register; 10 requested their properties not be listed and five haven’t responded to the city’s letters. The Local Government Act doesn’t require cities to get permission from owners before listing properties.

Most of the 19 properties are located in Moody Centre, where the city hopes to establish a Heritage Conservation Area.


A 13th tree will be added to Port Moody’s collection of maple trees in the city’s Town Centre Park to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Peace Parks Across Canada.

Port Moody, along with 400 other cities across the country, participated in the 1992 event by planting 12 maple trees symbolizing the 10 provinces and two territories. The re-dedication ceremony adds another tree in honour of Canada’s third territory, Nunavut.

Five of PoMo’s trees were removed for recreation centre construction but they’ll be replaced once work is finished.

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