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Maintaining What We Have

Choice: Maintaining What we Have

We need $260 million more annually to maintain what we have and make improvements.

Maintaining livablity will require increases to all current sources of funding plus a Transportation Improvement Fee that vehicle owners will pay annually. 

Levels of Transportation Investment

Transit Service
  • 160 new buses resulting in 10 per cent increase in service
  • More frequent service on key corridors
  • More capacity on West Coast Express trains

Rapid Transit
  • Expo Line station improvements and capacity upgrades
  • Total of 100 new SkyTrain cars
  • Replacement or major overhaul of original Mark I SkyTrain cars
  • Expanding and upgrading Operations, Maintenance and Emergency facilities
  • No new rapid transit lines

Roads and Bridges
  • $55 million/year for road improvement projects
  • Status quo funding for road maintenance
  • $12 million for bridge rehabilitation (Knight Street, Pattullo, Westham Island Bridges)
  • New Pattullo Bridge (tolled)
  • $7 million for transit priority and safety on the roads

  • Annual cycling program increased by 66% to $10 million
  • Increased funding for: Municipal cycling initiatives, New commuter greenways and upgrades to part of BC Parkway, & Safety and access improvements

Customer Information and Safety
  • Implementation of improved wayfinding and signage
  • Improvements to communications technology on buses and trains
  • Accessibility improvements to TransLink facilities
  • Smartcard and gating system implemented

How should we pay for transportation?

Around the world people pay for transportation in many ways. In Metro Vancouver the main sources are property tax, fares and fuel tax. There are other ways to go. Learn more.

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