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Translink 2010 Financial Plan

For 2010 the Tranlink board was operating under the new guidelines, including a long term plan (Transport 2040) and 10 year budgeting. 
The board presented three funding scenarios - a base plan, with no revenue increases, title Drastic Cuts , a supplemental plan calling for $ 260 million in additional annual revenues and a further supplemental calling for $ 450 millino in addtional annual revenues - kind of the platinum plan that would allow all of the regional goals of transportation to be met.
The board approved the base plan and a further 'funding stabilization' supplemental plan in July 2009 and this was the plan endorsed by the mayors council in October 2009.  The funding stabilization plan calls for $ 130 million in new revenues annually, and was touted as a 'hold the line' option - no drastic cuts but no expansion either.
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