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Evergreen Line - Fact Sheet

Evergreen Line Facts


Evergreen Line– Fast, Frequent, Convenient

Length: 11 km

Number of Stations: 6

Linking Major Population Centres: Coquitlam, Port Moody, Burnaby and Vancouver

Travel Time: About 13 minutes from Coquitlam City Centre to Lougheed Town Centre and about 40 minutes from Coquitlam Centre Centre to downtown Vancouver

Speed: Maximum operating speed of 80 km/hr.

Fully Integrated: Connecting without transfer to the current SkyTrain network

Estimated Cost: $1.4 billion

Anticipated Construction: Early 2011 – 2014

Regional Jobs: 8,000 new employment opportunities

Frequency (time between trains): 3 minutes during peak periods

Ridership: About 70,000 per day by 2021

Building on the strength of the existing rapid transit network, the Evergreen Line, using SkyTrain technology, will bring many benefits to the region.

Key benefits include:

Better Service

  • Direct connection, without transfer, onto the Millennium Line
  • Frequent (every 3 minutes during peak periods, with service almost 20 hours a day)

Shorter Commutes

  • Coquitlam City Centre to Lougheed Town Centre in 13 minutes
  • From Coquitlam City Centre to downtown Vancouver in 40 minutes (saving almost 45 minutes per day compared to driving)

Economic Opportunities

  • Over 8,000 new employment opportunities
  • Stimulating community growth and new development


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