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Environmental Assessment Application

UPDATE:  Feb 4,2011 - Word is that the EAC has been issued for the project - more to come :)


From the Evergreen Line 'FAQ' re: ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT

How is the Evergreen Line Project addressing environmental impacts?

-The Evergreen Line Project is subject to and Environmental Assessment Review under the British Columbia  Environmental Assessment Act (BCEAA). The Environmental Assessment (EA) includes a full review of potential project-related impacts and proposed mitigation measures and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure must obtain an Environmental Assessment Certificate (EAC) before the Project can proceed.
-The Environmental Assessment Application outlines the significant social, economic and environmental benefits of the Evergreen Line Project, as well as construction and operational impacts for certain residents and businesses.

-The following timeline outlines the Environmental Assessment process to date:

  • May 2009 - Evergreen Line Project Description Report filed.
  • September – October 2009 - 30-day Public Comment Period on the Evergreen Line Draft Application Information Requirements, which specified the studies to be conducted.
  • May 2010 - Evergreen Line Project submitted its Environmental Assessment Certificate Application and supporting studies to the EAO for internal review.
  • June 30 – August 29, 2010 - Public comment period on the Application for Environmental Assessment Certificate. Public open houses on the Environmental Assessment are being held on July 6, 7 and 8, 2010.
  • Fall 2010 - Assessment Report documenting the findings of the assessment, how public comments have been addressed and whether any issues remain outstanding prepared by the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO). Once the Assessment Report is finalized, it is submitted to the Minister of Environment and Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure or Minister of Community and Rural Development for decision.

For more information please see the Environmental Assessment Review section of the website.
Q: How does public input factor into the decision to grant an Environmental Assessment Certificate (EAC)?
-The BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) will consider public input and the proponent’s response to questions and comments in making a recommendation to the Minister responsible for granting an EAC.
-Comments received from the public will be considered by the Project team, as well as reviewing agencies and where applicable responses to comments will be provided.
Q: What information is included in the Environmental Assessment Application?
-The Environmental Assessment Application clearly identifies the significant social, economic and environmental benefits of the Evergreen Line including providing a transportation alternative to personal vehicle use, resulting in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the region, positive economic benefits for municipalities along the alignment and providing opportunities for densification and the development of more compact, livable, transit-oriented communities.
-The Environmental Assessment Application indicates that while the benefits of the Evergreen Line clearly outweigh the impacts, construction and operational impacts have been identified including noise and vibration impacts for certain local residents and businesses, some removal of trees, and loss of creek-area vegetation, as well as potential traffic delays during construction.
More detailed information from the Environmental Assessment application is available in the Environmental Assessment Review section of the website, and copies of the individual Environmental Assessment Fact Sheets are available in the Document Centre on the website.
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