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Recommendation - Coronation

Coronation Park Elementary

Transition Considerations
The students of Coronation Park Elementary reside in locations which are within the walk limits established by the district (Eagle Ridge - .97 km and Mountain Meadows 2.88 km). Some kindergarten to grade 5 students living in the Coronation Park catchment already attend these neighbouring schools, (for example: 42 attend Eagle Ridge and 7 attend Mountain Meadows). Experience from previous school closures indicates that families will choose a neighbouring school based on a variety of factors of importance to each family.

All Coronation Park Elementary School students can attend Eagle Ridge Elementary should this be the choice of parents. Careful scrutiny of the projected enrolments, including newly registered students for kindergarten in September 2007, and mock school organization information of potential classes for 2007/08 at Eagle Ridge indicates that student placement at Eagle Ridge Elementary can be offered to all Coronation Elementary families for September 2007.

Eagle Ridge Elementary houses one of the district Challenge Centres. This Centre will remain available at Eagle Ridge Elementary for qualifying students.
Coronation Park Elementary School has a Family Resource Centre located at the school. Should the school close, it is recommended that the district enter into discussions with the providers of this program and consider offering space for this service at Moody Elementary School. Coronation Park also houses a daycare and Montessori Centre. The district can assist these groups by providing information about possible alternate sites.

New catchment areas will need to be determined.

Rationale in Support of Recommendation

Coronation Park has an operating capacity of 226 students. Currently there are 86 students enrolled at Coronation which is 38% of the Ministry operating capacity. Of the 86 grade 1 to 5 students, 8 are out of catchment. Eagleridge Elementary is .97 kilometres from Coronation Park and has sufficient space to accommodate all Coronation Park students based on current and projected enrolment. Mountain Meadows is 2.88 kilometres from Coronation Park. It also can accommodate Coronation Park students if this is the choice of parents.


The Senior Administrative Team recommends that Coronation Park Elementary School close effective June 30, 2007.

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